ZNZ is a proudly South African brand with a passion for quality handcrafted goods. It was founded by a husband-and-wife team who have a combined love for local products, especially comfortable leather footwear. With our combined sales and retail experience the idea was born to start our own branded product and share our passion for authentic quality leather products, while at the same time creating jobs.

ZNZ are the initials of our children: Zia, Noah and Zavier. Our logo can be rotated in any direction and it will remain a Z or N. It is a symbol of our love of family. Our shoes are named for family and friends. It is a symbol of our love of friends. ZNZ is a brand for any occasion and a labour of love.

Our footwear at ZNZ is authentic. All raw materials are locally sourced and coloured with 100% natural vegetable tan. Our handcrafters are skilled with years of experience. From a values perspective, we use ethically sourced material to ensure comfortability, style, and longer lasting quality. All of this goes into our recipe to bring you effortless style for any occasion.


Going to a family braai? How about a picnic? First date? – With ZNZ shoes, you’ll look as great as you feel.

ZNZ - Logo - For Any Occasion

Handcrafted quality leather shoes shopped from the comfort and safety of your home.

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